ACA Reporting Services



Code calculation and 1095 form creation, E-filing to the IRS, minimal data requirements, dedicated account executive,  affordability and penalty consultancy.

Full Service


Single or Multiple FEINs, payroll and benefit imports, eligibility determination, rule of parity, employee and employer reporting. Affordability consultancy and Dedicated account manager and workflow dashboard.

Print, Mail & e-File


Printing of your employee 1095-B/C forms, direct mail to employees, IRS transmission of your 1094 and 1095 forms.



This level of service is recommended for novice level users, who have a knowledge of ACA requirements, but do not have a large variable hour work force. 

Pricing is dependent upon the following:

  • Employee Count
  • Type of Insurance Offered
  • Single or Group Entity
  • Access to data

Please contact us for our individual pricing information. 

Full Service

Full Tracking Services are recommended for organizations who have complexities such as high variable hour work force, seasonal employees, paid/unpaid interns or high turn-over.

These organizations require a concierge service from certified ACA experts who understand the nuances of ACA.

Pricing is available upon request.

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Print, Mail & e-File

Completed all of your coding but need to print, mail and/or e-file your forms? then this level of service is for you.

Prices per form are as follows:

  • Print & Mail start at $2.50
  • e-File only start at $4.00
  • Print, Mail & e-File start at $4.50 

Volume based pricing is available upon request.


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